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Join us on our exclusive workshops to enable and amplify the natural capacity of people in leadership seeking energetic, spiritual and career balance

Cultivating the Art of Letting Go

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This series on emotional healing, well-being and spiritual awakening offers men and women a secure space to explore their inner world as well as harness skills and tools to continue integrating newly discovered potential into their daily lives. Men and women come together in a circle of connection in which they can tell their stories, share experiences, insights and give each other support and inspiration. The workshops also provides time for reflection and stillness.

You will be guided and supported through an inner path of Recognizing, Releasing and Re-generating emotions:

  • Embrace the Light and Shadow parts of Self

  • Relationships and Emotional Blocks (releasing old wounds, limiting beliefs, patterns)

  • Improve communication & create positive, sustaining relationships

  • Bring Awareness to Self – Coping Mechanisms and Defenses;  why we create masks/role of the ego

  • Transcending Fear; Gaining Trust in Self and Others

  • Cultivate & Reclaim our Inner Strength, Power & Self-Authority

  • Discover the core essence of who you are & live in true authenticity from our Heart

  • Experience peace, freedom & spiritual communion

No Prerequisites required


This is a 8 week online workshop.  Sessions will include meditations, experiential exercises, readings and homework between classes.

(Online workshop available for purchase)

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