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“It is vital for us all to have the ability to create a life of fulfilment, harmony and stillness within.” - Sylvia


There is a deep longing in me that empowers me to find new ways to guide others through their pain and into their innate power.   I know this is not always easy for the conscious mind to fathom that freedom can be achieved with lightness and ease as it is so entangled in all its illusions.  It can be difficult to separate the threads.  My work is to assist my clients not only to separate these threads but to look at each and identify the core issues, uncover their limiting beliefs and create a new blueprint for their life that helps them step into the fullest most grandest version of themselves. 

  It is vital for us all to have the ability to create a life of fulfilment, harmony and stillness within.  This is possible only when we are able to make life choices from a place of emotional, mental and spiritual stability knowing that our words, thoughts, actions are life giving and not life diminishing.

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Upcoming Events

Art & Soul Event
Heart's Infinity Retreat

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Portals for Wellness
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  • Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring

  • Life Coaching (Kids and Adults)

  • Relationship Coaching

Transformational Coaching

Image by Kaori K
  • Reiki & Heart Frequency Healing

  • CCMBBA (Complete Cellular Mind-Body Alignment)

  • Reconnective Healing

Quantum Healing

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  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy 

  • Beyond Quantum Healing

  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy


Integrative Programs and Workshops

Join us for our exclusive in-person workshops and events to deepen and expand the natural capacity of men and women seeking spiritual and lifestyle balance

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