Meet Sylvia

Sylvia Abergil is a dynamic entrepreneur with diverse skills and impeccable business accruements.  Her personal soul journey has led her to dedicate her time and energy to assist her clients in creating a blueprint to their desired life.


As a seeker of knowledge, Sylvia holds many designations including accredited Relationship System Coach; Reiki Master/Teacher; Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist and Energy intuitive.  She finds deep joy and fulfillment in guiding, teaching and mentoring conscious individuals, creatives, healers and entrepreneurs on how to step into their personal power and bring their gifts and talents into the world.

Sylvia offers exciting, empowering, one on one sessions and invaluable classes that consistently exhilarate and amaze her participants.  Through her adventurous spiritual retreats and enlightening workshops held around the globe she assists others in opening their awareness to see beyond limited perspectives, behaviours and patterns of their persona and into their Soul.  The inner journey each participant experiences allows them to move forward by improving the overall quality of their life, finding unity and harmony within themselves and creating balance in their professional and personal life.



My journey though trying at times has been deeply enriching.  The turning point for me was during my training as an Evocative Leader at the Ehama Institute in New Mexico.  It was then, I came to appreciate the truth of my inner being and my Soul's calling to be here at this time on Earth to assist in the collective awakening to a higher consciousness.   This understanding led me into the art of healing where my intention was to help others, little did I know that I would fall into a deeper excavation of my own inner wounds.  Every step I've taken to understand the light and shadow parts of my own psyche, limitations, behaviours, patterns, wounding, has lead me to a profound appreciation of my soul's personal journey and it's impact on my life path, family, friends as well as the greater collective.

There are many who have a deep yearning to know the true meaning of life and to understand their life purpose.  My personal adventure has had its ebbs and flows and times of excruciating and tormenting moments.  The Universe has shown me that the path does not have to be difficult; it is only as difficult as we make it.  Our minds can create incredible stories that can spiral us upwards or downwards.  Pain is real and something we all experience however suffering is optional.  It's a choice we make when we have difficulty to consciously move in the direction of joy.  The choice of suffering is ours.  I have fallen into the spiralling state of victim many times and know all too well the feeling of "out of control", "wanting to fix situations", "giving in to overwhelm", hopelessness and "helplessness".  Through years of inner work, I came to realize that I held the key to unshackle myself.


It is a deep longing in me that empowers me to find new ways to guide other through their pain and into their innate power.   I know this is not always easy for the conscious mind to fathom that freedom can be achieved with lightness and ease as it is so entangled in all its illusions.  It can be difficult to separate the threads.  My work is to assist my clients not only to separate these threads but to look at each and identify the core issues, uncover their limiting beliefs and create a new blueprint for their life that helps them step into the fullest most grandest version of themselves. 

  It is critical for us all to have the ability to create wholeness, harmony and stillness within.  This is possible only when we are able to make life choices from a place of emotional, mental and spiritual stability knowing that our actions are life giving and not life diminishing.

My Story